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File: 1421267811684.png (92.53 KB, 980x980, suiseisekiFINALPLS.png)

No. 11 [Reply]

Looks like 8chan is under ddos again

Based /tech/ has set us up a little bunker

Please keep this to /mai/dens, guy9000's poor little server probably can't handle anything larger than /mai/
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File: 1451700916395.jpg (19.75 KB, 221x479, 1451629401338[1].jpg)

Seems our French connection has failed.

File: 1451699724054.jpg (94.49 KB, 576x806, Ryou cooking.jpg)

No. 141 [Reply]

So Uh
Welcome back?
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Do we post here or 8/mai/?


File: 1451704769886.jpg (1.23 MB, 1100x1024, はぁと。_koma6969_201512060258.jpg)


File: 1451748141760.png (140.54 KB, 626x438, wr21.PNG)



File: 1451773475782.png (6.46 KB, 316x385, by_catfriend_2-2.png)

glad I kept this place bookmarked


File: 1517358953922.gif (1.42 MB, 568x242, Unf.gif)

Anyone still hanging around?

File: 1451702836667.jpg (619.52 KB, 1600x900, va3xg.jpg)

No. 151 [Reply]

You all know what must be done.
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File: 1452536758483.jpg (263.5 KB, 632x720, Rozen Maiden- S02E04.mkv_s….jpg)

8ch.pl seems to be our home at the moment (its also where /waifu/ went)

It seems stable enough, though a migration of a board like /v/ or /pol/ will kill it just the same as 8ch.net
It's the oldest 8ch fork too.

Think we need to set up a waifu.pl page where we keep our current posting area, since these keep going down


Thank you, good anons. At least this gives a little solace for /hgg/, as well.


>waifu.pl page
Replace with a mirror if needed.


I doubt anybody checks here but what the fuck happened to .pl
All that's left is some creepy thread in Russian


I was wondering the same thing. At first I thought the board was just hidden, but nope.

File: 1421270556586.jpg (163.19 KB, 802x671, 365a8859fb20e1ce6cde6cdc4a….jpg)

No. 15 [Reply]

First real bunker thread

How would your waifu cope in a survival situation? What tools does she have at her disposal to stay safe in a HAPPENING scenario?
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File: 1421532722610.jpg (143.03 KB, 800x640, Cute_Squigly_3.jpg)

I appreciate that none of you have made this about hunting/killing zombies.


File: 1430494362970.jpg (135.84 KB, 850x1123, 399999.jpg)

She can use her sing ability to paralyze animals.
Or use her moe ability to get animals on her side.


File: 1440574802098.png (817.66 KB, 800x600, 28mmhdj.png)

If we have intruders, Rin can confuse them by attempting conversation


File: 1446521976502.jpg (102.23 KB, 349x734, cute tantrum.JPG)

She has a maid to help her find things. Combat is not a problem, she has Odin's spear and powerful spellcards involving blood magic to use. I imagine she'd hate every moment of a "HAPPENING scenario", seeing as how it'd be uncomfortable, but she's very strong and would definitely survive, so long as there are humans or other creatures that have blood to drink from. If things got really desperate, I don't think Sakuya would object to offering her own.


File: 1451772257621.jpg (523.46 KB, 900x1100, kazami_yuuka - touhou - az….jpg)

> How would your waifu cope in a survival situation?

Nothing would change.
Literally nothing would change.
I think she'd be perfectly fine with the happening.

> What tools does she have at her disposal to stay safe in a HAPPENING scenario?

Raw unbridled power, built in WMD and lower equivalent attacks, the ability to make the earth and much of nature bend to her will (via a chain of effects), and the ability to push basically any human/-oid to the limits of perfection (so, cheap super troops if she ever picked anyone else up).

She has, in many ways, got this.
All politics ruined?
If she was so inclined, a new bloom of a nation could easily rise up under her wings.

File: 1451702652336.jpg (118.81 KB, 1330x735, 1444037060006.jpg)

No. 150 [Reply]

What would be your favorite part of your waifu to use as a pillow?

I would use Miia's belly
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File: 1451712765449.jpg (98.97 KB, 448x600, HNI_0059.JPG)

Its more likely she would use me as a pillow, but I would lay on her chest or legs.


File: 1451715300268.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x1380, b813b75bc2f25681f257bf319d….jpg)

Nobody wants to be used as a pillow among us two.


File: 1451720363291.jpg (79.42 KB, 600x708, 36051881_p0.jpg)

Her thighs


I want her to lay on my lap , or on my chest or alternatively the shoulders.

T. inexpert at how cuddling works


File: 1451748212257.png (187.5 KB, 500x600, wr16.png)

Chest, stomach, and lap! I don't wanna pick just one place…

File: 1421272574372.png (332.74 KB, 600x847, bd335d778b61f9bb2e9412ddbc….png)

No. 17 [Reply]

What does your waifu's hair smell like?

Youmu's hair smells like roasted green tea, fresh melted chocolate, and cherry blossoms!
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File: 1440569213030.jpg (191.64 KB, 800x600, rin.jpg)

Oil paint


File: 1440572813189.jpg (81.17 KB, 404x567, 51236959_p47.jpg)

Hmm… hard to describe. Very masculine. Sandalwood and amber and something else that is distinctly him. A hint of rust and oil when he's had a long day, along with his sweat obviously. It's really nice.


File: 1442896677965.jpg (26.88 KB, 297x293, IMG_20150906_092029.jpg)

Lemons. He uses lemon soap.


File: 1446521792422.jpg (192.41 KB, 1000x900, 189523417.jpg)

Remilia's hair smells like roses, chocolates and tea.


File: 1451711905545.jpg (37.51 KB, 196x181, tumblr_inline_mwgshldcDj1r….jpg)

Hopefully, sweat and whatever products he uses to keep track of his hair. He's got a mild obsession with it.

File: 1447066687396.png (180.42 KB, 500x682, 1427163442168-3.png)

No. 137 [Reply]


Nobody is here probably but I can't post there because I keep on getting 400 errors ;_;

File: 1446487156317.png (198.86 KB, 500x500, maiden2004_by_leileilol-d9….png)

No. 134 [Reply]


For now, lets use infinitydev for bunker this time, we should be able to get a taste for what the new8ch software's gunna be like this way too

File: 1446480977049.png (239.98 KB, 810x398, 10380909_996811217013369_9….png)

No. 131 [Reply]

8ch got fucking rekt again.
Hosting a backup of the novelember thread here: http://super.seekrit.club/mai/res/38.html


What happened?


8ch is getting about 80-100% packet loss right now. Hotwheels called the ISP, but not much else they can do right now.

File: 1440551413586.jpg (91.67 KB, 768x1024, d421245d8f9db9260212a3be57….jpg)

No. 95 [Reply]

>I already miss certain boards

8chum may be down for a while. What is everyone doing in the meantime?
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File: 1440562651034.jpg (57.61 KB, 539x686, 201007072104149ec.jpg)

Awesome, here's hoping that works, if not, as far as I can tell we have two major options that are easy and accessible
these are short term, if 8chan doesn't go back up, and is down for a week or so

Either we go to lainchan, or desuchan, and start a comfy thread either on /w/ (lainchan weeaboo board) or /a/ on desuchan, or /ot/ (off topic)

If we need to stay long term, (8chan dies) we could try to get the admins to set us up a board on either.

Upsides: Site works, modern support for stuff like webms
Might get along well with /layer/ as many of us use ddt now
Downsides: Active userbase we have to merge with, /w/ is pretty quiet but the rest of the site is there too. Not sure how well we'll mingle with the users on other boards. At least one autist will go full autist and complain about "MUH REDDITCHANNERS"
no cyclicals

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File: 1440562667118.jpg (69.18 KB, 496x700, 20090721200119642.jpg)

So, even if 8chan comes up in 8 hours, we should have this planned further out for next time.

There's nobody attacking /mai/ specifically, so no need to use our ddt thread on lainchans /layer/

Whichever of these we decide, if 8chan doesn't come back up, ill make a post on tohno redirecting 8/mai/dens there, since many of the board only users check tohno too.

Id rather keep this place somewhat more 'private' so to speak

so we gotta pick one, desuchan, or lainchan?


File: 1440565426513.jpg (19.88 KB, 577x315, 10942736_1000879356607362_….jpg)

I'd rather desuchan. There's no way lainchan autists would tolerate another community within their own.


Seconding desuchan.


Desuchan seems like we'll have an easier time settling into it.

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